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  • Combining Unrelated Data
  • Creating Complex Audiences via Logic
  • Data Testing
  • Hyper Personalization
  • Leveraging All Your Data
  • Maintaining Performance
  • Observability & Oversight
  • Quality Assurance
  • Resend Campaign
  • Saturation Control
  • Supplementing Data
  • Building Efficiencies and Testing Data at Scale
    A large car dealer needed to create control groups and sub-control groups as a percentage of the same audience, and assign dynamic values per each group in order to do testing...
    • Automotive
    • Creating Complex Audiences via Logic + 2 more
  • Adaptability
    Maintain SFMC Performance with Large Amounts of Data
    A marketer needed to split an unusually large audience segment that required recurring calculations. Working with huge amounts of data also caused timeouts in Marketing Cloud ...
    • Retail
    • Creating Complex Audiences via Logic + 1 more
  • Rocket - Icon
    Creating Complex Audiences with Foresight
    A team needed to split an audience into different SFMC Journey versions based on a complex combination of attributes – while needing to know how many records each audience contains in advance...
    • Education
    • Creating Complex Audiences via Logic + 1 more
  • Combining Unrelated Sets of Data
    Customers from the automotive industry wanted to combine unrelated Data Extensions such as customers and vouchers. Yet, this isn’t possible in SFMC without any matching columns…
    • Automotive
    • Combining Unrelated Data + 2 more
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