Field Experts: Why Technical Marketing Cloud Users Love DESelect, Part 2

Field Experts: Why Technical Marketing Cloud Users Love DESelect, Part 2

Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s nearly infinite data storage makes the novice marketer’s head spin. Such highly technical, complicated processes take time to complete and leave users anxious over the effects of potential mistakes.

Marketing Cloud expert Markus Dang previously demoed some of his favorite admin features in DESelect Segment to reduce the risk and time requirements associated with routine audience segmentation.

In this article, Markus reviews more of his favorite features, designed to automate many of the complex SQL JOINs and INNER JOIN queries that can frustrate any user.

Read Part 1 here.


Part one of this series focused on how Marketing Cloud admins can best set safeguards for less-technical marketers. Now we move more into the DESelect core – complex audience segmentation.

Whereas data sets allow more technical marketers to prepare data for tasks like joins and relationships between data extensions, templates get used later in the segmentation process.

Templates are used when you have similar Selections that rely on complex criteria. It’s a straightforward process.

  • Create a Selection
  • Save it as a template
  • Adjust the filters with new selections going forward

Now teams don’t have to repeat every task repeatedly when creating similar or routine segmentations.

As you can see, data sets act more like expansive data extensions, quickly giving marketers the complex data necessary for advanced segmentation. They can then convert the overall Selection created from these data extensions or data sets into a template, so later segmentations will immediately complete most steps.

As Markus mentions, DESelect Selections use the INNER JOIN of SQL, replacing the need for technical marketers to write any code for these highly complex segmentations.

Data Views

Data views are system-generated data extensions in Marketing Cloud containing behavioral information on how subscribers interact with campaigns, such as communication sends, email opens, unsubscribes or links clicked.

In DESelect, all data views start with an underscore for easy reference when segmenting. You can access all 24 data views in Marketing Cloud via DESelect.

Waterfall Selections have the following benefits:

  • Create more complex segmentations when you also want the original results of each contributing Selection
  • Avoid the timeouts common when handling large data quantities in Marketing Cloud
  • Easily use complex filters that may otherwise timeout

With the ability to upload highly complex Selections into Journey Builder, marketers receive granular segmentations in minutes, ensuring ultra-personalization without stereotypical time requirements.


Rather than have developers create endless SQL JOINs, DESelect Segment ensures your team launches campaigns with the desired level of personalized, on time.

Markus isn’t our only fan. See why the CMO of Simplify Compliance loves DESelect’s intuitive segmentation features.

(Spoiler: With DESelect, campaign output grew significantly, campaign production has become much quicker, and marketers now segment without reliance on the IT department.)

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