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Continue to create audiences without the need for code through DESelect Segment

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AB vs Segment

Case Study: Boozt

Boozt turned to DESelect Segment to perform their segmentation after moving from Audience Builder and SQL queries.

The results:

  • Technical marketers save 15% of their time on a weekly basis
  • Brought great flexibility and speed to campaign creation
  • Non-technical marketers get desired segmentations 50% faster

What's Up with Audience Builder? Salesforce's Plan

Audience Builder is Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s native segmentation tool, offering a comprehensive suite of features aimed at making the segmentation process intuitive for marketers of all skillsets. Its strength lies in an intuitive UI that removes the need for technical expertise, enabling granular audience segments that power personalized campaigns.

Unfortunately, Salesforce is in the process of sunsetting Audience Builder, end date TBD. For teams left stranded, it’s important to begin planning the migration process now, seeking a solution that shares the same benefits…and improves on some shortcomings.

DESelect Segment shares many of Audience Builder’s strengths, including no-code UI, granular segmentation capabilities, and an ability to handle high volumes of data. Unlike Audience Builder, it’s a Salesforce AppExchange plugin with a one-day setup and super easy adoption – ensuring campaigns experience minimal disruption during the transition.

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While Audience Builder is Salesforce's latest product casualty, your marketing ops can skip a complex migration.

Empower all members of your marketing team and keep your campaigns on schedule with DESelect Segment.

Take a look below to learn more about the migration process and how the two solutions compare.

deselect segment vs audience builder salesforce vs diy sql
See why your peers have made DESelect their permanent home for segmentation​

See why your peers have made DESelect their permanent home for segmentation​

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