May ’24 Release – Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

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DESelect Marketing Optimization Platform: Expanded Dashboard incorporates cross-channel reporting for stronger insights

As a consumer, you’ve likely been targeted by a company that doesn’t measure the impact of their sends on you as a contact. Maybe they send you 5 emails in a week, which they think is great, but in reality, is way too much for your preference. Oppositely, you may never hear from your favorite brand and proceed to fall into “out of sight, out of mind,” missing exciting offers.

On the marketer’s side, money is being left on the table from pushing your audience away, either from annoying overcommunication or disappointing undercommunication.

It’s time to embrace data-driven experimentation and create send frequencies based on real results. By adopting this approach, you can unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in your campaigns. In the latest release, DESelect Engage introduces powerful reporting tools which allow you to dive deeply into all sends, and the decisions Engage is taking based on the rules and priorities you have defined. Slicing and dicing the data as you see fit will allow you to unlock powerful insights.

This feature is now included with every Engage license.

The Problem: Unable to take a step back

The dashboard in Engage provided insights into include/exclude decisions on the level of one Send or one Contact but not an overview and not by group, making it hard to judge the effectiveness of Rules.

The Solution: Comprehensive interaction overview

Now the reporting section within the dashboard includes real-time data visualization, enhancing the ability to monitor and analyze marketing saturation and performance metrics.

Within Reports, users can decide how granular they want to inspect. This section supports multi-select dropdowns for each Filter, custom date range, and the option to group data or keep it broad. Users can mix and match any of the filters and grouping options to achieve their desired report type.

Find DESelect Engage reports in the Dashboard
Navigate to the new Reports view by clicking on Dashboard
First entry into DESelect Engage Reports view
Overview appears information by default. Customize your view by selecting the date range, filter, and grouping
Drilling down into Reports in DESelect Engage
Each filter can have multiple items applied

Group by Channel, Campaign Type, or Contact Category–all of which can be configured for your organization by an admin, with the assistance and expertise of your DESelect Customer Success Manager. While Email, SMS, and Push notifications are automatically supported, Engage can also analyze custom channels.

Evaluate campaign effectiveness in DESelect Engage by using the new Reports feature
For a deleted item, users can still asses which contacts were affected

This Reports feature is intended to build upon the reporting capabilities that DESelect Engage already supports. Users will continue to have the option of analyzing individual sends and individual contacts to see how rules are affecting campaign performance at a granular level. 

The DESelect Advantage: Optimal Campaign Performance

These updates aim to provide users with more precise control over their marketing efforts, ensuring that communications are both strategic and effective, minimizing saturation while maximizing engagement.

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Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time

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