Simplifying Personalization: Why Drag and Drop Segmentation is the Future of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Simplifying Personalization: Why Drag and Drop Segmentation is the Future of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Imagine for a second…

You have millions of dollars worth of equipment in a warehouse.

You’re scrambling around trying to fix problems, keeping equipment from crashing, and spending all day solving issues as they come up.

That’s the old-school way people used to do business. 

Before SaaS (Software as a Service), companies had servers in their building that they needed to maintain, which cost them millions of dollars every year.

That’s why it was so hard to run a business back in the day.

The new way of doing business

In today’s modern business world, you just sign in to a SaaS platform like Salesforce with a username and password and have everything at your fingertips.

You get all the functionality in the world without the headache of maintenance.

Salesforce takes care of all the behind-the-scenes problems while you use the software to get the job done and make money faster than ever before.

It’s been proven that SaaS products like Salesforce save companies an average of 25% on IT costs and increase productivity by 26%.

Phew. Thank goodness for technology, right?!


Why clicks and not code

And that brings us to why the future of Salesforce Marketing Cloud is moving away from SQL and toward drag-and-drop segmentation.

Salesforce’s mantra is “Clicks, not Code.”

Salesforce aims for its products to function through clicking, dragging, and dropping with minimal need to write any code.

Salesforce’s mission is to make life as easy as possible for everyone that builds on the platform.

Salesforce’s goal is to get as many people using the system as possible. 

All without needing an advanced degree in computer science.

This is where a Salesforce Marketing Cloud tool like DESelect comes in…


Why I Like DESelect: The Future of Segmentation

Have you ever needed to segment your data in Marketing Cloud and relied on a developer to write complex lines of SQL to get the job done?

You knew what you needed to do, but you couldn’t figure out how to write the SQL code to make it happen.

You have a full-time job, there’s no time to sit around and take a whole SQL class and then write the code.

Even more, you don’t even know if the code you’re writing is going to work.

So now you’re sitting there thinking, “I have no idea how to use SQL… How in the world am I going to segment these customers?

Think about how much time you lose at work every week by not knowing how to segment your data with SQL.

Not knowing SQL might be taking hours or even days away from the time you could use to build campaigns.

Think about the whole process:

  • You have to learn how to use SQL
  • Write the code
  • Review the code
  • And even troubleshoot the code.

That process takes up sooooo much valuable time (and money)!

It’s time that delays campaign launches and limits the number of communications you can have with customers.

And while you might be able to rely on a developer to help you write the SQL to finish the project, you still have no idea how they did it, which means it’ll be the same process for your next project.

But you shouldn’t need to figure out how to write in a new language like SQL.

Your main focus should be finding the data you’re looking for, and that’s it.

It shouldn’t matter if you use SQL to find your customer segments.

What matters is that you get the job done and send timely messages to your customers.

And that’s why drag and drop segmentation with DESelect is the future of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

With DESelect, you can do everything you’d normally do with SQL, but now you can do it with drag and drop segmentation tools that visually let you see what you’re doing.

It’s literally as easy as grabbing the intended data extension, dragging and dropping it into DESelect’s Selection Criteria, then adding other data extensions, data views, custom data fields, and filters as desired to fully pinpoint the audience you want to target.

What used to take hours of delay marketers can now easily set up on their own – without the guesswork of all those hard-to-write SQL queries.


The future of Salesforce: Circling back to time-saving SaaS products

With everything in the tech world moving away from headache-inducing coding, why not also move away from needing to be a developer to segment your data?

Similar to how Salesforce allows companies to scale without having to heavily invest in server hardware, DESelect is also a SaaS tool that puts the power of data segmentation into your hands, so you can forget about writing all those complex SQL queries.

Just download DESelect and segment your data as fast and easily as possible.


An easy life with Drag and Drop Segmentation

Think about how easy life will become when all you have to focus on is the actual project you’ve been assigned.

No more figuring out how SQL works, how to write SQL, reviewing code, troubleshooting code, or relying on developers and waiting on them for weeks just to segment your data.

Take the power back and let DESelect be the tool you use to set your marketing campaigns up for success.


See How DESelect Works!

Are you curious about how DESelect works?

I did a demo of the DESelect so you can see how easy it makes segmenting your data. Check it out here on YouTube!

You can also take a look at the features of the tool here.

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Kaelan Moss – MinuteAdmin

Kaelan Moss – MinuteAdmin

Kaelan Moss is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Program Director at a global talent company and teaches Marketing Cloud certifications to employees and corporations in APAC, EMEA, and NA. He's the founder of MinuteAdmin, a company that makes Salesforce Marketing Cloud easy to learn, and the 2021 Salesforce Marketing Champion. People and Companies reach out to him daily as they begin their Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementations and journeys.

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