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No-code audience segmentation

DESelect Segment is an intuitive drag-and-drop solution, enabling marketers to easily segment their audience in SFMC without the need to write SQL.


Frequency optimization

DESelect Engage enables Salesforce Marketing Cloud users to intelligently prioritize communications and optimize campaigns across teams.


The search engine for SFMC

DESelect Search is a free tool that allows Marketing Cloud users to find data extensions, automations, objects, and more–in seconds.

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Common Campaign Hurdles

  • sql-home-icon1
    No SQL knowledge
    Most marketing teams lack SQL knowledge.
  • targeting-icon
    Poor targeting & personalization
    70% of brands fail to use and scale personalized emails.
  • lead-time-icon
    Campaign lead time
    Dependency on technical experts results in long campaign cycles.
  • scoring-model-icon
    Scoring models
    Marketers don’t have a good view on their audience’s engagement.
  • time-spent-icon
    Time spent on data
    Marketing teams spend more than twice as much time on data than they should.
  • SFMC-icon
    SFMC implementation & maintenance
    Implementing or maintaining a data model in SFMC is time-consuming.

How DESelect Improves Marketing Ops

  • sql_code_icon
    Leverage SQL without writing SQL
    Create advanced segments with ease.
  • trending_up_icon
    Increase marketing efficiency by 52%
    Saves half the time marketers would normally spend on data.
  • launch_icon
    Launch your campaigns at least 23% faster
    Avoid targeting ping-pong and launch campaigns stress-free.
  • happy_user_icon
    Improve user adoption
    Put the control over your data back into the hands of your marketers.
  • audience_focus_icon
    Focus on the right audiences
    Define engagement scoring based on behavioral and subscriber data.
  • email_personalized_icon
    Deliver personalization at scale
    Save time that can be put in delivering the right message.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can DESelect scale to my business’ needs?

    We have worked with customers of different sizes, industries, and geographies. Most of our customers report significant time-saving, shorter campaign cycles, and improved user adoption. Their marketing organizations can operate more independently and can deliver more sophisticated campaigns, yielding better marketing results.

    Every company is unique given its organization and data. We encourage you to book a demo to find out precisely how DESelect can benefit you.

  • Why do I need this?

    DESelect is a platform that enables Marketing Cloud users to segment audiences without SQL and use rules to prevent subscribers from receiving too many messages. Unlock new revenue opportunities, eliminate technical dependencies, and send the right message, to the right audiences the right number of times.

  • What if I don’t have time for a lengthy implementation?

    You’re in luck – DESelect Search, Segment, and Engage are fully plug-and-play with minimal setup required. DESelect then reviews to guarantee a seamless launch.

  • Is this secure?

    Yes. At DESelect, we take security very seriously. Aside from having passed Salesforce’s own security review, we are also ISO-27001 certified. To learn more about security, visit our data and security page. In terms of securing our integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and performing authentication, we follow the Salesforce API integration security guidelines. In terms of data processing, we only store metadata (data extension names, user name, etc.) but not actual data (the records within a data extension). That means we are rather “lightweight” from a data processing point of view, as we do not store your actual customer data.

  • What's wrong with using SQL queries to segment?

    While SQL does offer extensive segmentation capabilities, the knowledge needed to perform these queries is extensive and often requires reliance on busy individuals and teams. Even if you know SQL, it is extremely time consuming to write ad hoc queries for marketing teams, and additional time goes into bug-fixing. If you don’t understand SQL, you are dependent on experts to write and maintain queries, slowing down the time it takes to bring campaigns live. Whether you’re a SQL expert or not, you will find DESelect Segment offers value beyond segmentation needs, saving you a significant amount of time and giving marketers greater flexibility.

  • What is saturation control? How does it affect my marketing team?

    Consumers are often overwhelmed receiving hundreds of marketing messages per day, as marketers create multichannel campaigns across competing teams and priorities – often targeted to the same segments of people. When this feeling becomes so strong that messages no longer resonate, the consumer experiences what is called “marketing fatigue.”

    Saturation control is a method used to avoid marketing fatigue, where organizations set limits on the number of communications sent to a certain person in a specific period of time.

    Having saturation control processes in place reduces the chances of unsubscribes or of emails being marked as spam. The specific limit for the number of emails and the time period can vary depending on the goals of the email campaign and the preferences of the recipient.

    DESelect Engage acts as mission control for campaigns across all channels, providing a saturation control solution that gives insights into exactly how saturated each contact is.

See how you can unlock the full power of Marketing Cloud

See how you can unlock the full power of Marketing Cloud

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