Salesforce Marketing Cloud Has Never Been Easier

With DESelect's drag and drop platform you can easily connect, segment, or deduplicate Marketing Cloud data - without writing SQL or relying on technical expertise.

With DESelect’s drag and drop platform you can easily connect, segment, or deduplicate Marketing Cloud data - without writing SQL or relying on technical expertise.

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  • No SQL Required

  • Same day setup

  • Drag & Drop Segmentation

  • No-code Integrations

  • No SQL Required

  • Drag & Drop Segmentation

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Gain Efficiency in Marketing Ops

Spend 52% less time on data management in SFMC

• Teams using SFMC typically spend 40% of their time on data

• With the time they save, marketers can spend more time on higher value activities, like crafting the perfect message or optimizing their campaign logistics

How to segment your Marketing Cloud data without SQL:

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Give marketers their independence

Set your teams free from SQL

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be a powerful yet technical platform. We will help you drive user adoption and increase user satisfaction seamlessly and autonomously without reliance on technical support or coding experience.

Give marketers their independence

In our clients’ own words

  • "I think for customers like me, who are not able to use SQL, it's really a good tool, and you have really a lot of possibilities on selecting. I would certainly recommend DESelect to other companies."

    Christina LafolieCampaigning Specialist Inbound | Outbound, Customer Lifecycle Management, Magenta Telekom 

  • Empower Marketers

    “DESelect empowers marketers to query and segment their data with ease and without reliance on IT, and puts data back in the hands of marketers, right where it belongs!”

    Eliot HarperSalesforce Marketing Cloud MVP, Author

  • Targeted Segments on the Fly
    “Segmentation for our marketing campaigns used to be a time-consuming task. DESelect allows us to easily build a list of targeted segments, which saves considerable amounts of time!”

    Juliette OuchoucheCRM Analyst, Cambridge University Press

  • Huge Time Saver
    “DESelect really speeds up selecting the right data in Marketing Cloud. Wish we had this when we first started using Marketing Cloud!”

    Michiel van GaalenSalesforce Consultant, KLM

  • Solved the Business Need Perfectly
    “It was a pleasure working with the folks at DESelect; their product and service are top notch and solved the business need perfectly. ”

    Dennis QueallyAssociate Director of Marketing Operations, Practicing Law Institute

  • "After the trial period, we are convinced that DESelect is a great addition to our Marketing Cloud setup. It makes our segmentation much more efficient, and gives the “power” back to the Marketeer!"

    Kenni DalbyVice President, Head of Digital Marketing & Sales, Alm Brand

  • "As a Marketing Cloud expert, I have to say I was amazed by the capabilities of DESelect and how easy it was to create my segments."

    Gianluigi MorselliSalesforce Omnichannel Martech Advisor, Merkle

Get the missing puzzle pieces for Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Integrate data into Marketing Cloud. Instantly.

Connect is a singular platform that moves your customer info into Marketing Cloud so you can focus on your most important work. Integrate data from landing pages, Shopify, eCommerce, web forms, call logs, or any data source via webhooks.



  • Faster Campaigns

  • Better User Adoption

  • Personalization at Scale

  • No-code audience segmentation.

    Now that your marketing team is working autonomously, you can skip the time-consuming back and forth between teams and launch your campaigns fast and stress-free.

  • Segment ALL your Salesforce Marketing Cloud data with drag-and-drop

    Intuitively drag-and-drop any data stored in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud business unit to create highly targeted customer segments.

  • Explore Customer Behavior with Data Views

    Access any sends, opens, clicks,… to better understand what drives customer engagement or even set out to build your own lead scoring model.​


A practical, free, object finder for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • Search is a free tool to help find any object in SFMC.
  • Quickly find: Email Templates, Automations, Mobile Push Notifications, Content Blocks,
  • Email Messages, Data Extensions, and many more.
  • Download as a Chrome Extension, or as an AppExchange Tool.

5-Star Reviews on G2 and the AppExchange

Awarded by CIO Applications Europe
based on 47 reviews
Good reviews of DESelect Search on Chrome Webstore,
with the avg score 5.0
The annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Salesforce solutions and transforming businesses

See how Alm Brand doubled their output

Empower every team member working in SFMC

Let marketers do what they do best, that is creating not coding. With DESelect solutions your marketing team will free up any time wasted on queries or data management and dedicate to optimize their campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this work for me?

    We have worked with customers of different sizes, industries, and geographies. Most of our customers report significant time-saving, shorter campaign cycles, and improved user adoption. Their marketing organizations can operate more independently and can deliver more sophisticated campaigns, yielding better marketing results.

    Every company is unique given its organization and data. We encourage you to book a demo to find out precisely how DESelect can benefit you.

  • Why do I need this?

    Data management is a large part of operating a marketing automation platform like Salesforce Marketing Cloud. However, data management processes are often terribly inefficient and complicated and marketers tend to rely on experts to do the job for them. DESelect lifts these problems, allowing you to deliver campaigns efficiently and focus on achieving results.

  • What if I don’t have time?

    If you don’t have time, that weighs in favor of starting with DESelect as soon as possible, since one of the main benefits is time saving.

    However, you may worry that you will need to invest a lot of time to get started with DESelect. Rest assured that this is not the case. DESelect does not require an implementation project to get started. Rather, our team will set up DESelect for you, which is a matter of minutes.

    Once DESelect is set up, most customers find it intuitive enough to get hands-on right away. We do offer a live onboarding training which typically takes 1.5-2 hours. If you can’t even spare that amount of time, we are happy to schedule it later.

  • Is this secure?

    Yes. At DESelect, we take security very seriously. Asides having passed Salesforce’s own security review, we are also ISO-27001 certified. To learn more about security, visit our data and security page. In terms of securing our integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and performing authentication, we follow the Salesforce API integration security guidelines. In terms of data processing, we only store metadata (data extension names, user name,…) but not actual data (the records within a data extension). That means we are rather “lightweight” from a data processing point of view, as we do not store your actual customer data. For more information check out our security documentation.

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