DESelect Launches ‘Engage’ Platform to Combat Marketing Fatigue

deselect engage platform launch release

 AUSTIN, TexasMarch 28, 2023 — Amid a macro environment where marketing teams must increasingly scrutinize spend, DESelect, the leading Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner, announced the launch of its Engage platform, designed to maximize the impact of every communication sent to each individual contact and defend against marketing fatigue.

DESelect Engage gives marketers the tools to control saturation through rule-based messaging prioritization and real-time insights into how, when, and where subscribers receive communications based on campaign and contact type. These insights inform marketers of who is at-risk of oversaturation, as well as opportunities to further engage undersaturated contacts.

With audience saturation control, email campaigns more effectively reach and convert potential customers, rather than driving contacts to unsubscribe and mark content as spam. Self-controlled campaigns further help organizations maintain compliance with major government regulations such as GDPR and the CAN-SPAM Act. These improved customer experiences ultimately lead to increased ROI on marketing outreach efforts.

“DESelect has always been about empowering marketing teams with the tools to optimize personalization,” said Jonathan van Driessen, CTO and Co-Founder of DESelect. “Engage defends organizations against costly unsubscribes and spam complaints that eliminate further revenue opportunities.”

“As organizations grapple with economic uncertainty, Engage primes each potential customer for action with only the most relevant campaigns, maximizing the impact of every dollar, euro, or pound spent on outreach.”

To give marketers ultimate control over campaign prioritization, Engage offers two triage modes. Users can saturate based on custom rules for both contact and campaign types, empowering teams to test different combinations for truly personalized experiences.

“We designed Engage to help modern marketers navigate their complex, modern omnichannel strategies in a way that primes subscribers for great customer experiences rather than annoyance,” said Anthony Lamot, CEO and Co-Founder of DESelect. “Engage makes sure the right people see the right messages, the right number of times.”

Learn how DESelect Engage can help you prioritize your omnichannel campaigns and defend against marketing fatigue.

About DESelect

DESelect is an official Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner offering the leading marketing enablement platforms on the Salesforce AppExchange. Fortune 500 leaders and mid-sized businesses leverage DESelect’s intuitive drag-and-drop solutions to help marketing teams control audience saturation, segment audiences, and power highly personalized campaigns without code or technical assistance. Founded in 2019, DESelect has offices in Antwerp, Belgium; and Austin, Texas.

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See how Engage protects your organization from marketing fatigue:

Reach the most targeted<br/> audiences in half the time

Reach the most targeted
audiences in half the time

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