Get SQL queries off your plate & give marketers their independence.

DESelect Segment is an add-on for Salesforce Marketing Cloud that empowers marketing teams to do the things that you're currently wasting your time on.

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End the repetitive problems and tasks.

DESelect Segment gives you the ability to build templates for Marketing so they operate independently of you - getting you back to the work you care about.

  • Combine different data sources

    Use drag-and-drop to easily join data extensions together and define how they are related. Admins can pre-define these relations.

  • Exclude records

    Similarly to joining data extensions, indicate records you want to exclude from your selection.

  • Append Data Extensions

    Create larger Data Sets by appending data extensions together (union DEs) .

Give marketers the tools they need.

DESelect Segment removes the process of writing SQL queries so Marketers can get the data they need. Spend your time on more important tasks.

  • Powerful audience filtering

    Apply a multitude of filters across data extensions and sources, supporting all field formats.

  • Perform calculations

    Use subqueries to aggregate data and perform calculations, like how many purchases a customer has made or how much a customer has spent.

  • Sort and limit results

    Sort your results alphabetically, by date, or any other way that is logical. Limit the number of results if needed.

Give marketers their independence

Set your teams free from SQL

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be a powerful yet technical platform. We will help you drive user adoption and increase user satisfaction seamlessly and autonomously without reliance on technical support or coding experience.

Give marketers their independence
  • Preview results

    Obtain rapid feedback on your selection through a preview of results.

  • Use segments for campaigns immediately

    Use selections to populate target data extensions, ready to be used for your next campaign or journey.

  • Auto-map to your target data extension

    Auto-map the data coming from your selected data extensions to your target data extension to save time.

  • Automatically create Data Extensions

    Use AC/DE to create new data extensions on the fly and ensure right field formats.

Security and Data Protection

DESelect offers full plug-and-play integration that is real-time and no-maintenance.
  • Keep all of your data safe and secure
    Keep all of your data safe and secure

    Keep all your customer data safely in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, as DESelect only stores “metadata” such as data extension names.

  • Fully Compliant with ISO-27002
    Fully Compliant with ISO-27002

    Rest assured knowing DESelect complies with ISO-27002, covering all aspects of best practice information security policies and processes.

  • Comply with GDPR & CCPA
    Comply with GDPR & CCPA

    DESelect complies with both GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).

  • Securely connect DESelect
    Securely connect DESelect
    DESelect offers full plug-and-play integration that is real-time and no-maintenance.

    DESelect has passed Salesforce’s security review. Find out more about our secure API connection to Salesforce Marketing Cloud in the DESelect Security Documentation.

Read more about security and data protection

Setup and Onboarding

Your Journey to rocking your Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Setup

    We built all our solutions to be ready-to-use, so you don't have to worry about setup, it's as simple as plug-and-play. An end-to-end test is performed by DESelect to guarantee a seamless launch.

  • Implementation and Training
    Implementation and Training

    Once you're fully set up, you'll receive live and personalized training sessions from our dedicated Customer Success team. We will guide you through creating your first selections which are the potential basis for all your templates.

  • Support

    DESelect offers ongoing support by email as well as providing access to its expansive support and learning portals. The Customer Success Team organizes quarterly meetings where they measure how you're doing against previously defined goals and targets to ensure success for you.

Customer Success Stories

  • "I think for customers like me, who are not able to use SQL, it's really a good tool, and you have really a lot of possibilities on selecting. I would certainly recommend DESelect to other companies."

    Christina LafolieCampaigning Specialist Inbound | Outbound, Customer Lifecycle Management, Magenta Telekom 

  • Empower Marketers

    “DESelect empowers marketers to query and segment their data with ease and without reliance on IT, and puts data back in the hands of marketers, right where it belongs!”

    Eliot HarperSalesforce Marketing Cloud MVP, Author

  • Targeted Segments on the Fly
    “Segmentation for our marketing campaigns used to be a time-consuming task. DESelect allows us to easily build a list of targeted segments, which saves considerable amounts of time!”

    Juliette OuchoucheCRM Analyst, Cambridge University Press

  • Huge Time Saver
    “DESelect really speeds up selecting the right data in Marketing Cloud. Wish we had this when we first started using Marketing Cloud!”

    Michiel van GaalenSalesforce Consultant, KLM

  • Solved the Business Need Perfectly
    “It was a pleasure working with the folks at DESelect; their product and service are top notch and solved the business need perfectly. ”

    Dennis QueallyAssociate Director of Marketing Operations, Practicing Law Institute

  • "After the trial period, we are convinced that DESelect is a great addition to our Marketing Cloud setup. It makes our segmentation much more efficient, and gives the “power” back to the Marketeer!"

    Kenni DalbyVice President, Head of Digital Marketing & Sales, Alm Brand

  • "As a Marketing Cloud expert, I have to say I was amazed by the capabilities of DESelect and how easy it was to create my segments."

    Gianluigi MorselliSalesforce Omnichannel Martech Advisor, Merkle

FAQ – DESelect Segment as a Solution

  • What features do you offer?

    We offer a variety of solution to marketers in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Visit our Products DESelect Segment, Search and Connect to learn about each. We are more than happy to show you any of our features during a live and personalized demo (based on your business challenges and needs). Book your demo with any of our consultants.

  • Why can't I use filters to segment?

    Filters are an out-of-the-box feature of Marketing Cloud and offer a basic way of segmenting. However, they offer very limited functionality and a suboptimal user experience. For most customers, filters simply don’t meet their requirements. If you currently use filters, you will find DESelect offers you easier and much more functionality.

  • Why can't I use Salesforce CRM reports to segment?

    ‘Salesforce reports’ is a feature of Salesforce CRM (like Service Cloud), which some companies use to create lists in the CRM and then push this to Marketing Cloud. However: You will need Salesforce CRM and connect this to Marketing Cloud. You will only be able to use the data in the CRM, which typically excludes behavioral data (clicks, opens,…) stored in Marketing Cloud in data views. You will be paying additional license costs for your marketers who need access to Salesforce CRM to segment and you will need to train them. This feature is – as the name suggests – actually meant for reporting and has limited segmentation capabilities. You will also miss out on efficiency, as you have to switch back and forth between the CRM and Marketing Cloud. If you currently use Salesforce reports, you will find DESelect offers you much more possibilities and saves you time.

  • Why can't I use SQL queries to segment?

    Admitted, SQL queries do offer extensive segmentation capabilities. But: You need to know SQL or find someone who does. Even if you know SQL, it is extremely time consuming and a lot of time goes into bug-fixing. If you don’t understand SQL, you will be dependent on experts to write and maintain queries, slowing down the time it takes you to bring campaigns live. You may experience lower user adoption. If you currently use SQL queries, you will find DESelect supports your segmentation needs but is not dependent on experts, and saves you a significant amount of time.

  • Why can't I use an audience management solution?

    There are various audience management solutions out there that allow you to segment across millions of records in a performant way. However: You will need to integrate such a solution, which will be very costly and time consuming (also for your own team since they need to voice specific requirements). You will depend on experts to set it up. After the setup, as soon as you want to make some changes (new fields, new data,…) you will actually need to call the experts again to make modifications. These are hidden costs most don’t realize when they start out on this path. You will be copying your data to the audience management solution, and data there will typically be updated with a daily batch, meaning data will be slightly out of date. You may still not be able to perform all of your segmentation use cases. If you’re currently using an audience management solution, you will find that DESelect instead offers plug-and-play integration, has no hidden costs, and can support your segmentation use cases.

  • When do you release updates?

    We release significant features on a bimonthly basis. Smaller patches may be released daily, while bug fixes are released immediately. DESelect users are notified through a newsletter.

  • What is DESelect Search in SFMC?

    DESelect Search is a free Chrome Extension and a free AppExchange app. We created these apps so that you can easily search in your Marketing Cloud to find various objects (data extensions, content, and more) with a click of a button. Based on customer reviews, DESelect Search is a real time saver.

Discover how to simplify and accelerate segmentation in Marketing Cloud.

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