Creating Complex Audiences with Foresight


A customer in Higher Education needed to split an audience into different SFMC Journey versions based on a complex combination of customer attributes. The criteria were based on information that isn't available in SFMC's Contact Builder; which meant it wouldn't be possible to create these unique pathways in Journey Builder. Adding to the difficulty of this challenge, the marketers needed to know beforehand how many records each audience version would contain.

Continue reading below to find out how they solved this using DESelect.

  • Education

How to solve with DESelect Segment:

  • They used DESelect's Dynamic Custom Value feature. First the marketers created a Dynamic Custom Value called “Version” inside the Selection, where they could set the different rules for each version and set the priority for each of them.

  • After running the Selection, they had the different versions assigned to the contacts within their Target Data Extension.

  • This allowed them to use the Data Extension to create another Selection to get the number of records in each version.

  • Now with DESelect they could create unique Journeys using this version field to create the different paths in a Decision Split.