Maintain SFMC Performance with Large Amounts of Data


A DESelect customer in the fashion/retail industry needed to split an unusually large audience segment – this specific segment also required recurring calculations on performance indicators of contacts such as: clicks, opens, purchases, etc. The data resulting from these calculations was critical to the marketing team because they depended on it for use in other segmentation work. Additionally, working with huge amounts of data caused more challenges often causing SQL errors and timeouts in Marketing Cloud. This team also had to unnecessarily perform the same calculations over and over for different uses.

Continue reading below to find out how they solved this using DESelect.

  • Retail

How to solve with DESelect Segment:

  • This marketing team used DESelect's Custom Values feature to tackle this problem.

  • First, they created an Aggregation Custom Value to count different behavioral data (clicks, open, etc.). They saved this in a Data Extension (let’s call it The Aggregated Master DE), that will serve as an intermediate Data Extension – this eliminated the need of always creating the same Custom Value for all the other selections in the future.

  • Next, they ran the Aggregated Master Data Extension on a daily basis, allowing them to always have the latest / most updated data.

  • When creating new Selections, they simply had to join their Selection with the Aggregated Master DE. This will save a lot of processing time, avoiding timeouts, and making it far easier for non-technical colleagues to understand and use the segment.

  • Additionally, DESelect users can also leverage the Waterfall Selection feature to avoid time outs in Marketing Cloud and preserve campaign performance.