Building Efficiencies and Testing Data at Scale


One of the biggest car dealers in Europe needed to create control groups and sub-control groups as a percentage of the same audience, and assign dynamic values per each group in order to do testing. This is challenging as it takes a significant amount of time to create many control and sub-control groups with a query; and even more time to create personalized (dynamic) values per each control group. What’s worse, after all that query writing this marketing team's only option before running these queries in Marketing Cloud was to simply pray they didn't receive any errors.

Continue reading below to find out how they solved this using DESelect.

  • Automotive

How to solve with DESelect Segment:

  • They used DESelect's Sort and Limit and Dynamic Custom Values features to make this process significantly more efficient.

  • First, they created an initial Selection and took a percentage of it with the Sort and Limit feature. Then, they created a Dynamic Custom Value to label this specific control group and added this Dynamic Custom Value to the Target Data Extension.

  • Next, they made a second Selection and excluded the rest of the values (or some percentage sorting it via a specific field) from the Target Data Extension used in the first Selection.

  • Last, they built Dynamic Custom Values to populate each specific sub-control group and they added them to the Target Data Extension.

  • To create other control groups, they simply had to copy Selection's #1 and #2 and update sorting and dynamic values. They creating even better efficiencies by creating templates to make it easier for future colleagues who might do testing with new groups.