Combining Unrelated Sets of Data


One of DESelect's customers from the automotive industry wanted to combine unrelated Data Extensions such as "customers" and "vouchers." In order to accomplish their goals, they needed the ability to assign random vouchers from the first Data Extension to random customers in the second Data Extension. Since the two separate Data Extensions don't relate because they're comprised of entirely different data, it's impossible to combine them without any matching columns.

Continue reading below to find out how they solved this using DESelect.

  • Automotive

How to solve with DESelect Segment:

  • They leveraged DESelect Segment's Custom Values feature with the function row number.
  • This will create new fields to serve as the matching column that will connect the mentioned Data Extensions.
  • It allowed the customer to create sub-sequential numbers and sort them either ascending or descending based on a specified field.
  • The result is a new Data Extension where customer id's are successfully matched with vouchers id's.