8 Strategies to provide a better customer journey in retail

8 Strategies to provide a better customer journey in retail

This is a guest post written by Buse Tarakcioglu from Vesium, a consulting and implementation partner of Salesforce in CPG & Retail, deploying necessary functionalities and focusing on growth and profit margins for businesses!

Today’s retail landscape is changing rapidly and shopper preferences are a moving target!

In this case, leaning data is always a better idea to craft proper plans to better customer experience!

Here are 8 strategies you should follow to build more meaningful shopper relationships.

1) Engage Customers In Their Context

Customers reward brands that are aware of the needs and interests of them. Retailers must engage customers in their context when omnichannel customers do not know what to do or where to go next.

You can engage with customers and get some answers through;

–        Evolving stores based on their needs

–        Optimizing mobile throughout the customer journey

–        Analyzing the marketplace’s strengths & weaknesses

2) Provide Mobile Experience

Mobile has changed buyers’ shopping behaviors tremendously by influencing digital sales and in-store behavior.

Mobile is the top driver of both traffic and sales and 71% of customers use a mobile device in-store for purchasing or reading reviews.

In this case, making sure of providing a mobile experience is a must-have these days!

3) Use Voice Assistants & Chatbots

The use of voice assistants is growing and shoppers are using voice for at least one shopping activity.

Even if it seems that voice-based search plays a minor role in buyers’ activities today, this developing technology will take its place in the future.

Also, voice combined with chat-based interfaces will turn out to be more essential for customer service and support.

4) Compete Against Marketplaces

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses is essential for brands and retailers!

Marketplaces are winning at reordering experience, 47% of reordering or repeat purchases occur via an online marketplace, regardless of where the initial purchase was made.

Also, product differentiation offered by brands and convenience of marketplaces has the most significant pressure on retailers in terms of competitive advantage.

5) Resonate With Shoppers' Values

Shoppers reward brands that go beyond transactions and orders to be relevant and resonate.

As they are relationship-driven, touching their emotions and beliefs makes a big difference.

So, today’s shoppers are more likely to buy from brands and retailers offering a charitable donation with purchase.

6) Bring Value Through Personalization

Personalization is the way of telling the customers: “we hear you!”

1-to-1 personalization in digital and physical channels can help you create long-lasting relationships with buyers.

Personalized experiences yield a 4.5x higher cart rate and 5x higher per-visit spend.

Moreover, 84% of the customers who had a fulfilling personalized experience are interested in more in the future.

7) Deliver Tailored Experience with AI & ML

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning empower retailers to anticipate shoppers’ next moves and deliver tailored experiences.

Opportunities to grow AI-powered efforts are massive, especially given the fact that AI becomes more useful in personalizing content.

By fully embracing AI and optimizing their use on digital channels, retailers can show shoppers that they truly know them.

8) Drive Loyalty Programs

Today, shoppers are more likely to buy from brands and retailers offering a loyalty program!

Loyalty programs are all about building meaningful relationships. Customers are willing to pay when they feel a sense of belonging and participation.

When it comes to sustaining loyalty, knowing the customers, incremental engagement, measuring the strength of the relationships across various factors, and using emerging technologies and partnerships for personalization will lead to success!

Did you know that Salesforce provides automation & AI-driven insights to transform your business on a single platform?

Let’s explore world’s #1 CRM, reimagined for retail!

Here is what you can do with Salesforce retail management software:

  • Start with clean data, intelligent profiling, and segmentation.
  • Distribute your data to unified views of your audience.
  • Use powerful marketing automation to attract and engage from anywhere.
  • Support your customers with state-of-the-art customer service.

Now we know the strategies to make our customers happy with a better customer journey in retail! Thank you for your time and if there’s anything you want to share within your experiences in retail, we will be more than happy to hear from you!  

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