Integrate data into Marketing Cloud. Instantly.

DESelect Connect empowers marketers to integrate any data source into SFMC to fuel hyper-personalized campaigns.

Built for Email Marketers, Marketing Ops, DevOps and Data teams. DESelect's out-of-the-box integration tool, with drag-and-drop design, makes connecting data to Marketing Cloud quick and easy.

Key Features of DESelect Connect

  • Get all your data into the ideal data pipeline for Marketing Cloud

    Connect is a singular platform that moves your customer info into Marketing Cloud so you can focus on your most important work. Integrate data from landing pages, shopify, eCommerce, web forms, call logs, or any data source via webhooks.

  • Remove friction between marketing and data teams.

    Creating data pipelines is often the most time-consuming aspect of data engineering teams. Give marketing teams their independence back, and release DevOps and IT teams to focus on the bigger picture and high value tasks.

  • Point, click, integrate. No coding required.

    The key to realizing the full potential of your investment in Marketing Cloud is the ability to connect all your data sources to power your campaigns. DESelect Connect is the no-code, plug-and-play tool allowing anybody to integrate customer data instantly.

  • Secure and reliable data integration.

    What good is data integration unless it’s secure and trustworthy? DESelect Connect complies with all Salesforce security standards ensuring your integrations are up to date.


How EVE Online's CCP Games enjoyed DESelect Connect

Since the late 1990s, CCP Games has collected tremendous volumes of player data. Surely enough, there's a lot of information to unravel, structure, and make use of for marketing purposes. Shortly after purchasing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, they met a connector obstacle as the master database they've used all this time lies outside the Cloud platforms. Having massive data extensions with around 2-3 million records and circa 50 fields each made it necessary to urgently find an optimal, reliable solution to get that data into Marketing Cloud. However, there wasn't a straightforward way to transfer such big bulks of data without relying on outdated FTP methods. Building an in-house solution wasn't an option since it would require too much of the team's time, and the APIs weren't powerful enough to work with such a massive database.

All their dreams were answered when they encountered DESelect Connect, a proven sustainable solution for their needs. Functionality, speed, and pricing were enough to give DESelect Connect a try. Another influential factor for CCP Games was DESelect's support team, who have guided them through the process of using the product.


What's stopping you from connecting your data to Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Accessibility, functionality, speed, and pricing were the criteria that led CCP Games to choose (and vouch for) DESelect Connect. See for yourself by booking a demo with one of our consultants.

How EVE Online's CCP Games enjoyed DESelect Connect

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