DESelect Connect

Connect any data to your Marketing Cloud with ease

With DESelect Connect, marketers can integrate any data source to SFMC using nothing but our drag-and-drop features.

As part of our commitment to deliver the best SFMC enablement solutions, this feature was specially built for marketing automation specialists to help them integrate and maintain any data source via webhooks.

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  • Improve campaign performance with more data

    Now that you have new data views, you will unlock all kinds of exciting use cases to reach a new level of targeting, personalization, and ultimately, much higher campaign conversion and retention.

  • No more technical dependency

    Integrating data sources to SFMC has never been easier, thanks to our plug-and-play feature, which illuminates any need for implementation by technical experts, enabling your marketers to set up their own data flows.

  • No development cost or time

    Since DESelect Connect is fully integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, there will be no additional cost for implementation or development.

  • Security, always

    DESelect Connect’s installed package is security-reviewed by Salesforce. You can rest assured that the integration is well-managed and up to date with the latest security standards.

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